If you're happy listening to MP3s on an iPod rather than lugging a Discman around, then you'll probably also appreciate the convenience of the 47LW550T's Cinema 3D system without worrying too much about its sub-full HD, three-dimensional images.

Of course, there's more to the 47LW550T than its 3D capabilities. This is a high-end smart TV, with plenty of fine-tuning options, at an eye-catching price.

We liked

The 47LW550T offers a high-quality 2D picture performance thanks to efficient edge-LED lighting and a brilliant set of user adjustments, while 3D images benefit from the 47-inch screen size and flicker-free Cinema 3D technology. The online portal and Smart Share make it an ideal set for a connected home.

We disliked

The 47LW550T's motion-handling isn't up to the high standards set by other areas of its picture peformance, and some of the picture and sound presets (take a bow, 'Vivid') are hopelessly inadequate. The wide bezel design isn't as neat as it could be, either.


Hardcore AV geeks will always remain sniffy about passive 3D screens because of the drop in picture resolution, but LG needn't be bothered – the 47LW550T is a consumer product, not a reference-grade 3D display.

Its 2D performance is rock-solid, its mulitimedia functions are up to speed with the competition and its particular flavour of 3D is convenient and comfortable. Fun for all the family, as the saying goes.

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