LG 47LE8900 review

Direct LED lighting meets a decent price, solid multimedia features and a Freeview HD tuner to very desirable effect

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LG 47le8900 3

Sound quality

While it's not totally impossible to get great sound out of a very slim TV, it's certainly pretty tricky. And LG has only had a fairly half-hearted stab at solving the problem, delivering a credible and detailed treble end to the spectrum, but struggling to produce an open mid-range and more or less totally failing to produce a convincing sense of bass during bombastic action film moments.

Ease of use

LG's onscreen menu system is one of the best around at the moment. It uses bold, colourful icons as your main point of entry and presents the reams of sub-options in extremely clear text. Some of the options are a little technical, but they're all covered adequately well in the instruction manual.

The remote control is effective, too. It's not particularly glamorous, but its layout is simple and intuitive.
A slight bum note to the set's ease of use is the electronic programme guide it employs to help you navigate through Freeview HD channels.

For a start, unlike most EPGs now, the one on the 47LE8900 doesn't have a small version of the picture you were watching playing in a corner while you browse. But worse is the excessively large fonts the system uses. For while this obviously makes the EPG easy to read, it also severely limits the amount of information that can be shown on screen at once, making browsing a frustratingly long-winded exercise.

Still, provided you're usually pretty good at knowing exactly what you want to watch and when you want to watch it, and so won't have to over-use the EPG, the 47LE8900 is pretty much exemplary from an ergonomic perspective.


When you consider how much Sony and Philips are fond of asking you for when it comes to their direct LED solutions, the 47LE8900 looks like a bona fide bargain, despite its limited online options and lack of 3D support.
However, before we fall over ourselves to give the LG a glowing endorsement for value, we also have to bear in mind that you can get hold of Panasonic's superb 46in TX-P46G20 plasma for around £1,250.