LG 42PW450T review

A bargain 42-inch HD-ready plasma TV that scores well with Blu-ray but not 3D

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LG 42pw450t

LG's 42PW450T aims to make large-screen 3D TV affordable to the masses. That much is obvious from the £600 price. But a glance at the screen's specification gives rise to the suspicion that in order to meet that price LG has possibly cut the wrong corners.

Why include a raft of enthusiast-level calibration tools, having dispensed with a full HD panel in favour of an HD-ready one? As it turns out the screen's spec makes sense as those picture tweaks are needed to help extract the best possible images.

We liked

From the nicely sculpted handset to the onscreen menu system, this is a lovely TV to operate. It also boasts an attractive, cutting-edge frame that belies the screen's price and plasma-based platform.

The sound quality is superb and, despite minor issues with resolution and clarity, the LG 42PW450T is no mug when it comes to serving up highly engaging HD images, especially Blu-ray pictures.

We disliked

Standard definition Freeview images are below par, and 3D isn't the set's forté, especially Sky's 3D pictures, which suffer dreadfully in terms of resolution. The 2D-to-3D conversion feature is a pointless gimmick.


Its HD-ready panel was never going to match a full HD screen for detail, but for £600 the LG 42PW450T delivers a remarkably impressive performance in terms of sound and picture. It's not terrifically convincing as a 3D screen but if money is tight it just about passes muster.