LG 42LW550T review

Excellent, affordable passive 42-inch 3D TV set with useful multimedia options

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LG 42lw550t


Considering the large size of the 42LW550T's bezel, the audio performance is disappointing. The dynamic range is limited, bass extension is minimal and maximum volume levels are low, while the soundstage is compressed and harsh during action scenes. The best that can be said of the sound is that it is perfectly adequate for everyday TV.


Ideally the 42LW550T's price would be a bit lower to give it an instant edge over similarly priced active shutter models. If you've got a big family or you're into social viewing nights, though, the fact that you get seven pairs of 3D glasses included for free is a massive boon, saving you £700 on the price of getting a similar number of glasses to go with an active set.

Ease of use

LG's operating system has been arguably the best around for a couple of years now and this continues for the most part with the 42LW550T. Graphics are used extensively but intuitively, making the system feel friendly and inviting and the menus combine very well with the reasonably comfortable and well laid out remote control.

The new Smart TV menu handles the vast quantities of new apps and sources efficiently. The only problem is that including the header for the main TV setup menu on the same page as where you access all your sources and apps is a bit confusing. Keeping these two menu areas totally separate would make more sense.

The remote supplied with the 42LW550T was extremely unresponsive at times, but as no such problems have been experienced with previous LG remotes, the suspicion was that that this was a faulty sample.