LG 32sl8000 lcd tv

Unique to LG TVs, Bluetooth presumably earns its place on the 32SL8000 because LG hasn't yet introduced Ethernet connectivity and DLNA home networking – which lets you stream music, photos and even video from a PC or Mac on the same broadband home network – to its TV range.

That, in our opinion, is actually a good thing – such systems are still in their infancy and no brand has delivered DLNA networking that's anything but frustrating to use.

We liked

Besides, networking wouldn't gel well with the 32SL8000's quite superb user interface that's defined by impressive simplicity and speed.

Its hi-def picture is very good and benefits from its effective Real Cinema and TruMotion 200Hz features. Not only does they remove most judder from Blu-ray discs and blur from fast-moving camera pans, but they do so without creating nasty artefacts.

As well as excelling with Freeview broadcasts and DVD, more nice touches come from DivX and DivX HD playback via USB and a superbly simple calibration menu. You could argue that this kind of attention to detail will be roundly ignored by a lot of consumers, but it's great to have a 'high-end' feel on what is certainly a mainstream TV.

We disliked

The 32SL8000's weaknesses are few, but could be crucial to some users. If you're planning to watch a diet that largely consists of Blu-ray, you might be a little disappointed that the Full HD image lacks a little sharpness.

Contrast is also less impressive than on some rival sets – notably those LCD TVs that use LED backlighting – and it reduces further the wider the viewing angle you watch from. Another issue could be the reflective pane of glass on the 32SL8000's front, though in practice the image isn't interfered with to any great extent.

Final verdict

HD can look soft, but this easy to use LCD TV's kindness to Freeview and DVD makes is ideal for everyday use.

With such a natural feel to its onscreen menus, this LCD TV's numerous features never feel like gimmicks.

Especially useful is its easy calibration, and while it's slight lack of sharpness and contrast means it stops short of greatness, a smooth and highly watchable treatment of any source – including digital video files – makes this unusually versatile set highly recommended.

A jack of all trades and slim to boot, the 32SL8000 is a good value and hard-working LCD TV that would grace any living room after a catch-all digital and hi-def solution.

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