LG 32LV550T review

Impressive mid-range TV with bags of features and enjoyably cinematic 2D performance

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LG 32lv550t

The 32LV550T is a well-made TV with tons of features for an exceptionally aggressive price.
It's better looking than most 32-inch sets and its connections wouldn't look out of place on a flagship TV.

The screen, meanwhile, incorporates a full HD resolution and edge LED lighting, as well as 100Hz and LG's TruMotion processing engine. Plus there are all manner of picture fine tuning tools pitched at every level, from amateur through to professional. No surprise, then, that the set is endorsed by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF).

First impressions of the 32LV550T aren't particularly good. But while none of the picture presets are especially effective, it doesn't have to take long with the 32LV550T's onscreen menus to get things looking really rather good for 600 quid. Particularly effective is the TV's contrast and colour performance, and pictures look pleasingly sharp and detailed with HD, too.

There are some minor motion problems, but nothing that can't be worked round, and standard-definition images look a little soft. The set's audio is nothing to write home about, either, but overall this is still a very superior 32-inch TV for the money.

We liked

Finding Smart TV online, DLNA PC support (with added Plex sophistication) and USB multimedia playback for so little money is a great result. The edge LED backlit is also a great success, helping to produce some generally very watchable pictures.

We disliked

Too many of the Smart TV apps do little more than clutter up the interface and the picture requires careful calibration. Standard def images can look a touch soft, the Plex system can be hard to set up and the audio is merely average.

Final verdict

The 32LV550T initially seems to be a rather 'quiet' TV by LG's current standards; a mid-range model with no headline-grabbing 3D credentials that just seems out to give people decent looks and good screen specs for relatively little money.

The deeper you delve into it, though, the more goodies you start to uncover - most notably its full incarnation of LG's Smart TV system, extensive DLNA PC network compatibility (including the Plex interface), USB multimedia playback, optional Wi-Fi, and an extensive suite of picture calibration aids for such an affordable telly.

With some judicious calibration the 32LV550T is an engaging and natural picture performer. It's a shame the audio performance isn't as good, but it's certainly one hell of a telly for the price.

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