LG 32LV550T review

Impressive mid-range TV with bags of features and enjoyably cinematic 2D performance

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LG 32lv550t


LG's recent TVs have tended to be rather underwhelming sonically and this theme continues with the 32LV550T. There's hardly any bass worthy of the name, and the mid-range can sound a little crowded during action scenes. The biggest problem, though, is an over-emphasis of treble sounds, which creates an imbalanced and rather harsh soundstage.


The 32LV550T represents excellent value for money. If you want proof of this, just consider what it offers compared with Panasonic's same-priced TX-L32E3B. There's full Smart TV, whereas the Panasonic offers no online features. The 32LV550T also enables you to stream in files form DLNA PCs - with Plex, if you wish - whereas the Panasonic carries no such multimedia support.

Next, while the Panasonic model does enable you to play photo, video and music files from SD cards, it doesn't offer any USB inputs, despite these likely being easier for most people to use.

Finally, while the TX-L32E3B's pictures are generally pretty good for £600, the 32LV550T's are better.

Ease of use

The set's superb onscreen menus make extensive – but never excessive – use of graphics to ensure things are legible from a distance and the overall structure is exemplary (once you've got your head round the fact that you have to engage an ISF preset to access the more sophisticated picture controls).

If extensive picture tweaks are beyond or beneath you, LG has helpfully included a Picture Wizard tool that enables you to adjust pictures with the help of some built-in test signals and guidance.

The 32LV550T's remote control is also very good, featuring an intuitive layout and tactile, responsive buttons.

The only ergonomic issues are that the Setup menu is found through the main Hub menu when perhaps it should have its own dedicated space and that the TV defaulted to Kyrgyzstan during its initial login to LG's online services, requiring manual selection of the UK before the BBC iPlayer became available.