LG 15le9500

We were thrilled by the sense of technological breakthrough embodied by this set and were excited at the potential for OLED hinted at by the mostly excellent picture performance.

It is extremely difficult to discern exactly who the 15LE9500 is aimed at though; too small for home cinema and far too expensive to stick away on second-set duty in a bedroom or kitchen, it feels more like an interesting prototype than something that ought to be on the shelves.

We liked:

Colours are accurate, movement is impressively fluid and black levels leave conventional LCD sets for dead, however they might be backlit.

We also loved the futuristic styling and the dependably sound operating system.

We disliked:

There's just no escaping the fact that £1,700 or so is a ridiculous amount of money to ask for a set that can't command anything bigger than a bedroom.

We are also slightly disappointed by a remote control that promises much but fails to deliver where it counts and audio is a crushingly predictable minus.


An intriguing glimpse ahead to the next stage of flatscreen evolution, but one that comes at a preposterously prohibitive price.

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