LG 15le9500 3

No-one in their right mind will be anticipating an audio masterclass from a minuscule, practically two-dimensional set with apparently non-existent speakers and the 15El9500 lives more or less exactly up to expectation, perhaps even managing to fall a little short.

Sound, whatever you do to it, is tinny with a cramped soundstage and barely any bass. The volume range is minimal and harshness creeps in some distance from the maximum setting. And it hardly needs adding that the options for expanding the audio into a forced semblance of surround aren't worth bothering with.

LG 15el9500 side

Still, it's extremely unlikely that anyone with £1,700 to burn on a centrepiece for their home cinema set is gong to spend it on a 15in set when there are 42in plasmas to be had for less.

Which brings us neatly round to the question of value.


The LG 15EL9500 isn't, we think it's fair to say, a flat-out bargain. The picture is highly impressive, it looks fabulous and we're all jolly excited about the OLED-illuminated future that is surely now just a technological corner or two away.

None of which constitutes a totally persuasive argument to buy one when set against that astronomically high price.

As admirable as this TV is, we just can't envisage any normal person frittering more than a grand and a half on a bedroom-size set on the grounds that it's a bit thinner than other perfectly decent tellies that sell for a couple of hundred quid.

OLED might well supplant conventional LCD, with screens getting larger and prices smaller in due course, and in that sense the 15EL9500 is an exciting harbinger of things to come.

As a commercial proposition, though, it is little more than a hopelessly exotic curio for those to whom novelty is all and money no object.