LG 15le9500 2

The rumble of expectation for OLED TVs has been building for some time now, with the potential of the technology's effectively self-illuminating backlight suggesting exciting possibilities for contrast and black levels, while whisperings of hitherto unheard of colour potential marked it out as a potential long term heir to plasma's naturalism crown.

Happily, the 15EL9500 sets about confirming most of these high hope in short order.

Blacks, for a start, are exceptional. Watch a conventional (CCFL) LCD screen in blackout conditions and you won't fail to notice the screen's inherent luminosity; whatever's onscreen, evidence of the backlight might be suppressed without ever being eradicated.

This OLED, though, achieves almost total darkness, to the extent that the outline of the screen is hardly discernible during cuts to absolute black.

Limited size

While difficult to appreciate fully on such a little screen, there is also a good sense of separation between shades of darkness and the unprecedented depths to which this display can reach provide an impressively solid foundation for every other aspect of the picture.

Right at the other end of the scale, peak whites are blisteringly bright. Whether or not you take that ten-million-to-one claimed contrast ratio with a pinch of salt, the set is certainly capable of searing intensity.

Colours are generally solid, with decent saturation when necessary and no evidence of bleeding or banding

Flesh-tones are spot-on and the LG can handle a down to earth palette, such as that of the real-world sequences of Where the Wild Things Are or the garish, martian hues of Australia without breaking stride.

Some flesh tones occasionally look a little waxy, but this is forgivable when you consider how small a canvas the various shades are being crammed into.

It's hard to asses detail fidelity accurately on a set this small, as it doesn't take a particularly sophisticated 15incher to make DVD or Blu-ray look passable at the very least. Still, it's a clear and well-disciplined watch that barely breaks down when viewed from only inches away.

The same applies to motion, but as far as we can tell, the 15EL9500 keeps up with the action without much in the way of judder.