LG 15el9500 1

LG sets usually cake-walk this section, with the company's exemplary (and increasingly widely imitated) tablet-style system routinely putting other operating systems to shame.

And the graphical element of it, at least, is still as marvellously intuitive and attractively rendered as ever, but is let down on this particular model by a frustratingly sluggish remote.

Which is a shame and a surprise, not least because the handheld control appears at first to be a class above the sort of zapper you'd expect to find partnering a set of this size.

It's almost the size of 'normal' (32in or larger) remote, the buttons are large, thoughtfully laid out and clearly labelled and many of the impeccably useful functions, such as the 'Q-menu' have been retained from the manufacturer's grown-up range.

Lithium-ion batteries enable an aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing slenderness and everything is generally where it ought to be, but the bubble bursts almost as soon as you start using the thing, with a frustratingly vague relationship between the unit and the set itself causing multiple button-jabs, fruitless 'aiming' of the zapper at the telly and frequent selection of the wrong thing.

LG 15el9500 rear

We're inclined to cut LG some slack on the grounds that its sets are normally a dream to operate, the menu system still delights and on the off-chance that we might have reviewed a mildly duff sample, but we are (provisionally) disappointed to have witnessed this minor slip in an area in which LG could previously do no wrong.