Kogan LED55 review

Is this 55-inch LED, Freeview HD TV for £750 too good to be true?

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Kogan led55 review

Sound quality

Although the Kogan LED55's carriage of SRS TruSurround processing is quite an eye-catching feature for a budget TV, it does, of course, still remain the case that the SRS system only works effectively if it's unleashed through a decently powerful speaker system.

And it's no great surprise to find the Kogan LED55 without enough audio heat to bring the SRS system - or a potent action film soundtrack - to life.

It must be stressed that it's not a shockingly bad sounding TV by any means, and it's able to cope reasonably cleanly with 'normal'-volume, daytime TV stuff. But it certainly sounds harsh and compressed - with too much treble emphasis - when put under any serious pressure.


Value is tricky to judge, really. Clearly on the one hand £750 is remarkably cheap for a 55-inch Edge LED TV. But, on the other hand, there are a few ways in which you only get what you pay for with the Kogan LED55. Ultimately it's probably fair to say that the Kogan LED55's price is more or less right.

Ease of use

The Kogan LED55 is a bit of a mixed bag in this respect. On the upside, its on-screen menus, while certainly unusual in their presentation and design, are actually pretty straightforward to navigate. Part of this is down to the fact that none of the five sub-menus you can cycle through by pushing right on the remote actually have many features in.

But the no-nonsense, clear text and basic organisational principles are effective enough and should present no major challenges to even the most technophobic of television buyers.

Kogan led55 review

The weak point where ease of use is concerned comes from the set's remote control. It's a deeply utilitarian affair, in that its layout and shape looks and feels like one of those universal remote designs commonly found with budget TVs in place of something that's in any way adapted to the TV's particular feature set and on-screen menu structure.

Some of the buttons are too small for comfort, too, but worst of all is how unresponsive the remote control is. It could be because its squishy buttons don't respond well enough to your presses or, more likely, because the cone of responsiveness of the IR receptor on the TV just isn't wide enough to pick up signals as readily as it should.

The result is much frustration, as time and again the TV fails to respond to remote commands at the first try, requiring you to lean forward or sideways to get your desired result.

It's worth adding, too, that you get no paper or CD manual with the Kogan LED55. Instead you just get a bit of paper with a link to an online PDF manual. This is eco-friendly and all that, but it's not necessarily convenient for everyone.