Hannspree sv42lmnb

A lot of manufacturers cut corners to reach this price point, but Hannspree doesn't have any corners to cut – the SV42LMNB is the most advanced flatscreen TV it's ever produced. Don't expect that to equal a superlative set, however, as this is strictly a budget 42-incher, offering a full HD resolution and designer looks at a price that most other brands can't match.

We liked

The solid build quality and smooth lines of the Hannspree SV42LMNB mean it doesn't look or feel like a budget TV, and there's something refreshing about a set that doesn't over complicate its feature set with copious picture tweaks. High-def movies and games benefit from the large screen size and LED-aided contrast.

We disliked

The omission of a Freeview HD tuner means the screen's plus points don't filter down to broadcast TV – and the standard-def channels suffer from obvious artefacts. Audio performance is satisfactory at best and the Hannspree's unresponsive remote and menus make for a less than smooth user experience.

Final verdict

Unfortunately, top-quality AV performance into 42 inches at £550 simply doesn't go. Those hunting for a TV this size, but packed with interactive features and offering a stunning picture, will need to look higher up the ladder to sets such as Sony's £1,000 KDL-40NX713.

Those in the market for an uncomplicated, affordable HDTV that'll be bigger than their neighbours, might find this set has appeal – especially if they can find another £70 quid for a Freeview HD zapper.

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