Hannspree SE40LMNB review

Edge LED and Full HD team-up to produce solid hi-def TV pictures

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Hannspree se40lmnb

Can an app-less telly eschewing any semblance of home networking and smart TV cut it? Selling for less

than £350, the SE40LMNB's is a barebones experience indeed, though for owners of Sky, Virgin or Freeview HD set-top boxes and PVRs, it could be the stripped-down HDTV bargain you've been looking for.

We liked

The user interface in general is attractive and well designed, and there's no doubting that the SE40LMNB is easy to use. We particularly liked the speed of setup, the nicely designed EPG's thumbnail of the live TV channel, and the ability to customise the names of each input.

Pictures lack sparkle, for sure, but contrast is decent and Blu-ray in particular is excellent. Besides, this is a 40-inch TV for less than £350.

We disliked

For all its trumping of PVR functions, this USB-powered function is so basic as to be virtually useless. The Timeshift functions are similarly long-winded and unlikely to be relied upon regularly, though it's nice to see both features here nonetheless.

There's noticeable light leakage from the LED backlit panel, and while still pictures retain a lot of full HD detail, there is noticeable blur and a slight overcooking of colour tones.

This is a basic TV that will suit many living rooms, but not home cinemas. The conclusion is underlined by the very average quality of the onboard speakers.

Final verdict

Without a Freeview HD tuner the SE40LMNB really struggles to make standard definition watchable, but those with a HD set-top box will find this 40-inch Edge LED TV a good value performer, which excels with Blu-ray.

Owners of HD PVRs can also skip over its long-winded USB PVR functions, though all will need a separate sound system.

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