Cello C42T71DVB-3D review

Cut-price 3D TV mixes new tech with old

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Cello c42t71dvb 3d


Audio performance is best described as servicable. The C42T71DVB-3D's Standard setting is a little on the hollow side. There's rudimentary control of treble and bass, as well as presets for Music, Movie, Sports and User.

We found that the best option is actually to engage the set's Surround mode. While this doesn't create a surround field as such, it does spread the soundstage wider the usual and makes the most of the modest eight watts of amplification on tap.


The Cello TV brand is clearly predicated to compete on price. By cleverly juggling features the C42T71DVB-3D hopes to attract an audience keen to save money yet eager to try out some of the latest tech toys.

And when you look at the set's headline specification it does indeed seem to hit all the right buttons: 3D, USB media playback and PVR recording are all hot buttons. The devil is in the detail though. The set's CCFL backlight is a style-killer and the lack of a Freeview HD tuner is nothing if not short-sighted. We also found the set's overall 3D performance to be wanting.

The C42T71DVB-3D exists to fill a low cost niche. The problem facing this screen is that bigger brands are already subject to heavy price cutting. Consequently, it's really not going to be too long before a more compelling proposition, from a household name, is discounted to below the anticipated selling price of this model.

Ease of use

The C42T71DVB-3D uses a clear graphical user interface to guide you through the set up menus. However, its Now & Next programme TV guide is largely hopeless. This throwback really doesn't stand comparison to contemporary wide-view programme guides. You can't use it to plan your night's viewing and it's limiting when it comes to using the USB PVR.

The set's remote control can also control a Sky set top box, but it's not particularly responsive. There's a lot of button stabbing required.

The C42T71DVB-3D is not a TV with a wealth of setup controls to master. It has the usual Channel, Picture, Sound and configuration menus, but they don't go into any great depth. The screen also offers a Sleep Timer, adjustable between 10 minutes and four hours.