There's certainly nothing very glamorous about the LE42K0D7D's operating system. The remote control feels cheap and, while the onscreen menus are clean and easy to read, they are distinctly uninspiring to behold.

The operating system is, however, reasonably effective. The remote's layout is intuitive and doesn't encourage erroneous button presses, while the onscreen menus are for the most part logically organised, except, perhaps, for the peculiar decision to stick the 100Hz adjustments in a sub-menu two layers away from the main opening menus.

But this is a minor point, because you probably won't revisit the 100Hz options too often once you've settled on your preferred settings.

It's good to find some key options, such as the backlight adjustment, supplied with quite fine degrees of alteration possible, and finally it's great that the large, centrally placed main onscreen menus disappear when you choose to adjust specific picture elements, leaving you free to look at pretty much the whole screen while making your picture adjustments.