TVonics dtr z500hd


Perfect for anyone wanting to cleanly wall-mount a TV thanks to its novel HDMI switching feature, TVonics has come up with a Freeview+ HD recorder that's hard to beat.

We liked

The DTR-HD500 delivers on its core features so well that it's hard to beat on pure Freeview+ HD performance. The user interface is good-looking and fast working, the recordings options myriad and the picture quality from Freeview HD channels is stunning.

HDMI switching is arguably more useful to more people than home networking and DivX playback – and that's the main difference between the DTR-Z500HD and the Humax HDR-Fox T2.

We disliked

Networking, digital music and video file playback, and a Common Interface slot are the three main issues with regard to absent features, while the remote – though a decent effort – needs some fine-tuning. SD channels, while upscaled reasonably well, can look soft.