TVonics DTR-HD500 review

This Freeview+ HD 500GB PVR has HDMI switching

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tvonics dtr hd500

The DTR-HD500 is one of the most expensive Freeview HD recorders around, and though it does include a few nifty features, it does seem a tad overpriced.

We liked:

The interface is easy to navigate and the 500GB hard disk, while not exactly huge, is about as big as it gets in the Freeview+HD recorder market. Its unusual sleek design works well and switching is equally unique, though it's the DTR-HD500's picture quality that really endears it to us.

We disliked:

The remote is a mixed bag, and the same goes for its interface – even if you like lime green, the box's menus and general operability are merely adequate. As for those USB slots, we're not sure why TVonics bothered, while the lack of a Common Interface slot could put some off.


The DTR-HD500 is all about easy recording, an unusual look, and its HDMI switching skills. Its interface is slightly too slow and largely identical to its rivals' efforts, and though there's a lot to like about TVonics' debut Freeview+HD recorder, it's a few features short of greatness.

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