Technisat hdvf

It may not be the finished article, but this Freeview HD receiver-cum-recorder's all-round performance combines with some nifty features that ought to help it do well in an increasingly crowded market.

We liked:

It may lack the flourishes of others, but the HDFV's interface is the quickest and easiest we've seen on any Freeview HD receiver or recorder. It's almost impossible to get confused.

Picture quality is impressive from SD and HD channels – either live or recorded – and playback of digital media from a USB stick, while limited, is slick.

We disliked:

Video file playback is limited to MPEG files, making the HDFV's ability to stream video files rather wasted. The interface's NAV menu, which hosts the machine's recording, streaming and digital media tools, resembles a simple file list more akin to a PC than a thoroughly ambitious machine such as this.


With a generally polished interface and only minor rough edges, this is one of the best – and certainly the best value – pieces of Freeview HD kit on the market; plug in an external USB hard disk and this competent receiver grows into a competent recorder that's mostly a joy to use.

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