Technisat hdvf

The interface for working the HDFV's Freeview HD tuner is pure simplicity. An eight-day EPG in grey, black and white tones makes good use of the remote's numbers and Fastext coloured buttons.

Schedules for ten channels over two hours are squeezed into one screen, while jumping back and forth in two-hour chunks – and changing day – are each a one-button job.

Attach a USB stick or drive and a split-screen holds basic file directories for both it, and any PC on the same network. USB playback is restricted to MP3, JPEG and MPEG files, with recordings made in MPEG format, but saved as TS files.

Streaming from MPEG, JPEG and MP3 files from a PC is also possible (we encountered a few problems with a Mac running TwonkyMedia, although MPEG files played OK) from the interface's NAV menu, though a shortcut on the remote wouldn't go amiss.

If you pause live TV, it essentially starts recording it to a buffer on a USB stick, and when you eventually take it off pause there's an option to save it as a bone fide recording.