Technisat hdvf

Whatever the resolution of your flatscreen TV – HD Ready 720p pr Full HD 1080p – it's worth using this box's 1080p output if your TV can accept the signal; you'll find the onscreen menus are a jot clearer.

Attached to a Full HD telly the HDFV managed to deliver clear and concise images from BBC HD, with a sequence from athletics' European Championships spotlessly rendered without any picture noise.

Colours are also impressively bold and bright, and though that characteristic remains for standard definition digital channels, there's none of that stunning HD detail; BBC One appeared relatively clean and upscaled just enough to fit a bigscreen TV, but with the odd jagged edge and pixellated area on show.

Recordings, meanwhile, are identical to the original broadcasts; good news, since archiving to a PC (as TS files) is possible.