Linsar FHD1 review

Cracking hi-def pictures, but lacks versatility or extra features

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The FHD1 is not a complicated product; this simple, low profile black box is a credible stab at making a low-cost set-top box to get hi-def pictures onto your TV. And it's not half bad.

OK, so 'low cost' might be pushing it for a £149 premium, but it's cheaper than the recommended prices for similar boxes from the likes of Humax, Philips and Icecrypt – although it's wise to check the pre-World Cup supermarket prices for what is most definitely the summer's hottest product genre so far.

We liked:

With an HDMI cable in the box and a simple set-up, there's not much to dislike about the FHD1; it produces cracking HD pictures and darned good SD pictures, too – but only over HDMI. It's also good to see an Ethernet for future on-demand services over broadband.

We disliked:

The interface can be a little slow for certain commands, while the lack of any Common Interface slots puts the FHD1 at a disadvantage when compared to some of its competitors. We'd also like to see a USB slot that makes a stab at MP3, JPEG and DivX files.


A good, if not great, Freeview HD box that will bring you a basic Freeview HD upgrade – and in great quality – though little else. Considering the competition, we'd question whether the FHD1 currently justifies its £149 price tag.

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