Dreambox 7020-S

The ideal receiver for the satellite enthusiast

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Our Verdict

Uniquely customisable Linux-based receiver


  • Wide scope for customisation

    Distinctive LCD screen

    Very good connectivity


  • Complex

The Dreambox's pretty much unrivalled customisation potential wins it a top placing among receivers for the must-have-everything satellite viewer. Its Linux-based operating system is open to all sorts of customisation and, indeed, has led to the creation of a thriving community of ingenious DIY software makers distributing their efforts via the internet.

Among myriad software plugins, you can modify the receiver to stream video and add a blind search option. The Dreambox 7020 has a distinctive LCD screen, and can be used as single-tuner PVR. It'll also function as part of a DiSEqC or USALS system and comes with an EPG and very good connectivity. Potential for the most demanding enthusiast.