samsung bd d6900

The BD-D6900 isn't for everyone, particularly those on a tight budget or those who want more flexible recording options, but if you want to consolidate digital TV and Blu-ray into one box and save space in your AV cabinet then the BD-D6900 is a terrific way to do it.

The amount of features on board is hugely generous, plus the external design and on-screen menus are gorgeous to look at. On the downside it's a little sluggish to respond in places, and Smart Hub could do with a couple more catch-up TV services, but that aside the BD-D6900 really is among the best Blu-ray products on the market.

We liked

The feature list is outstanding, covering all of latest techno-tricks like media streaming and 3D playback, and its picture performance with 2D and 3D material is stunning. The external design is dreamy, the touch-sensitive control panel is genius and we love the improvements to the onscreen GUI, particularly the terrific new Smart Hub system.

We disliked

The single tuner means you'll need a separate Freeview tuner in your TV if you're going to take advantage of the USB recording feature – if recording flexibility is an issue you should step up to the twin-tuner BD-D8500 or invest in a separate Blu-ray deck and PVR.

And although there's plenty of content on Smart Hub, it could do with a couple more catch-up TV services, although they'll probably be added in due course. Also, elements of the operating system are a tad sluggish and the price will be prohibitive for some.


The BD-D6900 is a fantastic fusion of Blu-ray and Freeview HD technology that may not satisfy everyone's needs but certainly won't leave buyers feeling short-changed thanks to its all-encompassing feature list, terrific pictures and alluring looks.