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Samsung Blade GT-S5600V review

A decent touchscreen handset that won't set the world alight

Samsung Blade GT-S5600V review
The Samsung Blade GT-S5600V is a entry level toushcreen phone


With HSDPA high-speed 3G connectivity (up to 7.2Mbps), the Samsung Blade can deliver a rapid full web browsing experience. The phone has Webkit-based Samsung Mobile Browser v0.8 software onboard that is definitely a cut above most mobiles in this price bracket.

It may not have the slick, smooth easiness of the iPhone's pinch-zoom Multi-Touch operated Safari browser on the iPhone, but it does incorporate elements that make good use of the touch interface – including touch zooming.


It also has some desktop-style options displayed onscreen, such as reload, back, forward, home and bookmark buttons, and an address bar that shows a drop down of recently visited addresses.

Users have the options of viewing sites on the full screen, either in portrait or landscape orientation (there's an in-built accelerometer that kicks in when the phone's tilted), or having the virtual button array framing the web page.


Zooming in or out of web pages can be done by simply using the volume control rocker on the side of the phone or, alternatively, by finger-on-screen action. Pressing and holding the display activates the zoom option, with an upward finger slide zooming in and a downward stroke zooming out.

Double-tapping the screen is another less accurate way to zoom in and out so you can see a page overview.

The finger controlled zooming works pretty well, in conjunction with digit dragging across the display to navigate pages, although you should be careful about not hitting links while you're initially pressing and holding.


The Blade is pretty quick at downloading full websites, and supports Flash too. More data heavy elements take longer to download, but it did a decent job of handling and other data heavy sites.

Mobile optimised sites like the BBC take just a few seconds to render. An RSS reader function is included too, so you can get regular updates from your favourite sites or services without having to negotiate the browser each time.

A selection of online services are available via the widgets feature too.'s customisable weather forecast widget is a neat and useful option to have at your fingertips.

google widget

The Google tools widget can fire up the onboard Google Maps software, but others options – for searches or mail – take you straight to the web page rather than running a separate phone app. The same goes for the YouTube widget.