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BlackBerry Pearl 3G review

Will a QWERTY-free, slimline BlackBerry make merry in the mass market?

The definitive BlackBerry Pearl 3G review
The definitive BlackBerry Pearl 3G review

As we alluded to earlier, the media player on the BlackBerry Pearl 3G isn't bad at all. But accessing it is slow and inconvenient.

BlackBerry pearl 3g

Okay, it's not that slow, just not as instantly accessible as it should be. Click to go to Homescreen, another to the media player, another to select breakdown of content (all tunes, albums, artists etc), then another to play the music. It's tiresome.

BlackBerry pearl 3g

Once in, though, it's not a bad little player. Music can be transferred in via drag and drop or by RIM's own software via a PC or Mac and, if tagged, should drop nicely into the searchable interface and anyalbum art provided will show too.

Don't forget those top controls we mentioned earlier too – very useful when you're out and about.

BlackBerry pearl 3g review

For its size, the Pearl 3G has a decent pair of lungs. At full volume, sound is beyond what you expect, as well as having a good amount of clarity – no break-up or distortion at that high volume.

Same goes when using headphones, which are more substantial than your average mobile earphones and, for us, offering up a fuller sound than much of the competition too.

BlackBerry pearl 3g

Video playback tends to suffer from the small screen. If you like the idea of squinting at a 2.2-inch screen for entertainment, it might be for you. It's also good for checking those mini movies you've just shot, but we prefer our video on a larger screen.

Videos have a decent amount of clarity, but this is one area where the small and compact nature of the phone really falls down.

Let's be honest, you'll be on a one-way trip to eye strain if you spend your day watching Hollywood blockbusters on the Pearl's screen. Good for a short funny a mate has sent you or, indeed, checking out your own clips. For anything more, it really struggles.