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PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 review

This review looks at the virus scanner component

Our Verdict

Efficient and effective


  • Worth the money


  • Better alternatives

If you want to get your hands on PCcillin Internet Security 2006, you'll have to purchase the suite. That's not necessarily a bad thing: at £40 the suite - including firewall, anti-spyware, intrusion detection, and more - is the same price as many competing AV products alone.

Out of fairness we only worked with the suite's anti-virus component, and it didn't disappoint. The scanner was the fastest in our tests, completing the task in just a shade under 21 minutes.

All planted viruses were detected and removed, including those found on our infected DVD. Email scanning was equally impressive, with infections detected in both our incoming and outgoing message attempts.

Adding to the impressive nature of this product is its ability to download virus definition updates incrementally. This is a great help to users with slow connections, and especially those who would like to accomplish other tasks online at the same time.

The product's interface is also a no-brainer: easy to use, clear and concise. There's no guessing with configuration options - everything is self-explanatory.

Our only real criticism - and it's a mild one at that - is that Trend Micro doesn't offer its anti-virus component in a standalone version. That's a shame, because the quality of the product would make it a great fit for users who shun Internet security suites in favour of the individual programs they feel most comfortable with.

Even so, the price for the suite is right considering the fact that it covers all of your security bases in one fell swoop. Dan DiNicolo