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Kingston KHX11000 D3LLK/2G review

DDR3 pioneer has performance to burn

The company has also launched this DDR3 memory under its KHX brand

Our Verdict

Highly recommended. Good memory performance at an acceptable price


  • Good performance


  • Slow default settings

Kingston was one of the first manufacturers to push DDR3 sticks out of its doors, indicating that it's serious about making a name for itself with the new standard.

As if to back this up, the company has also launched this memory under its KHX brand, and labelled these sticks with competitive memory timings (7-7-7-20).

There is some confusion here, though, because despite adhering to the PC3-11000 standard (aka DDR3 1333), these sticks actually have the SPD configured to operate at 1066MHz. So plug these sticks into your motherboard and elect to go for automatic settings, and the memory bus won't operate quite as quickly as you'd imagine.

However, if you increase the memory bus to 1333MHz, the performance is much more impressive, producing an impressive bandwidth score. It's a shame the SPD doesn't report the correct figures, as many users may miss this trick and end up with sub-optimal performance.