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Gigabyte P25W review

Looks like a Lamborghini, so it's great the Gigabyte gaming PC goes like one?

Gigabyte P25

We were impressed with what we saw in the Gigabyte P25. It offers solid gaming performance at a price that isn't completely out of this world.

It offers much the same as the similarly-priced Schenker XMG P503, but in a much nicer overall package. Thanks to the Blu-ray drive, the P25 also doubles as a home entertainment machine, though we would have preferred to have seen an IPS screen at this price point.

We liked

This is one of the most powerful gaming laptops we've reviewed in a while, on par with the Schenker.

It won't blow you away in terms of gaming performance, but it's certainly enough to play the majority of games at higher settings.

Overall, the performance is plentiful thanks to the excellent Core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM; and the ability to run the P25 in RAID 0 with dual SSDs, if and when you choose to, means you can increase the speed of Windows 8.

We disliked

There's not really anything significant to grumble about when it comes to the Gigabyte P25, thankfully.

The trackpad isn't the best, nor is the matte LCD screen which is a touch grainy, and it doesn't really have a 'premium' feel that you might expect at this price range, though the majority of the price tag has clearly gone on the innards rather than the exterior.

Final verdict

If you're after a gaming PC but your budget won't stretch to the likes of the MSI GX60, then you could do worse than take a look at the Gigabyte P25. It's certainly had more thought put into the design than the similarly-priced Schenker XMG P503, otherwise there's not really much else out there that can compete.