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Macally 12-inch notebook sleeve

Plain looks belie hidden talent

This Macally sleeve is floppy, but it somehow manages to keep a fair bit of padding between sharp objects and your precious Apple. Like the LArobe sleeve to the left, the padding here is also clever in that it's lightweight but collapses on impact, instead of bending, so the energy doesn't transfer through the sleeve.

If you push it with your finger you will leave an imprint - one that rebounds back very slowly. The sleeve should protect your laptop against minor knocks and scratches well, but hard knocks and - dare we say it - drops to the floor, are still going to damage your machine.

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A few extras on the inside, like straps to hold the display and board in place and a thick wedge of removable Velcro padding come in the box, while the material is softer on the inside than the LArobe.

The Macally sleeve is great value, and it does as good a job at protecting your beloved Apple laptop as some of the more expensive bags we could mention.

James Ellerbeck