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Sony Reader Pocket Edition review

The eBook reader Sony hopes will take the concept into the big time

Sony Reader Pocket Edition review
Will the Sony Reader Pocket Edition be the first big-hitting eBook reader in the UK?

Sony reader pocket edition review

Reading on the Pocket Edition Reader isn't quite as stress-free as we'd like. Our main complaints are the length of time it takes to turn a page and the low contrast of the screen compared to normal paper books.

We liked:

Cracking design and easy to use. There's a huge amount of material to read on the device as well.

we disliked:

Turning the page takes too long and navigating books is an exercise in frustration. Sony's choice of software seems a little random, too.


If you take so many books on holiday that you rack up excess baggage charges, the Pocket Edition is an excellent compromise, thanks to its high capacity and low weight. But if you only flip through a few pages per night your bank balance will thank you for choosing paper over plastic.