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Nikon Coolpix P300 review

Nikon's new compact boasts full manual control and a fast f/1.8 lens

Nikon Coolpix P300
Nikon's new high-end compact boasts a 12.2MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor.

Nikon P300 Review: Verdict

With the Nikon P300 price tag at just below £300, the camera certainly delivers value for money. Not only is it a superb and easy-to-use compact with manual and creative capabilities, but the results it produces exceed expectation for the Nikon P300 price point.

In particular, we were most impressed with its stellar performance at higher sensitivities, deftly taming noise right through the range, with distortion only becoming an issue at ISO 3200. Colours diluted only ever so slightly and details merged at this sensitivity, but certainly nothing worse than what we've witnessed on cheaper compact cameras at around the IS0 800 mark.

We like

The Nikon P300 produced some of the clearest images at high ISOs that we've yet to see from a digital compact camera, with strong colours and smooth tonal gradations. This is down to the P300's fast-aperture lens.

We dislike

The Macro setting deactivates when the user switches scene mode, filter option or into/out of Auto, and in auto and a handful of scene modes the Nikon P300 favours the highlights and shows a small leniency to underexposing. However, these are only minor criticisms.


Sporting an enviable catalogue of features, the Nikon Coolpix P300 would be well-suited to a DSLR user seeking an easier camera to transport for everyday use, or even a holiday alternative that shares the ability for manual command and a heightened performance in low light.

Arguably the P300's other, more novel functions, such as full HD movie capture, filter effects and panorama modes, may attract enthusiastic compact camera shooters who are perhaps looking to step up and operate a camera with a deeper feature set that is also able to execute a much higher calibre of images.