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University degree in 3D announced

3D with honours, coming soon
3D with honours, coming soon

Fancy getting yourself a certificate in three-dimensional awesomeness? Well, now you can courtesy of the University of Southern California.

The US university is offering a programme in 'stereoscopic' 3D, according to the Guardian.

This essentially involves learning all about immersive media, be it to do with film, videogames or television.

While it might sound like a gimmick, there's never been a more apt time for a degree in 3D to come about, with James Cameron's Avatar to hit screens later in the year and the announcement that Sony and Panasonic are embracing the technology for use in the home.

It's a kind of talent

Speaking about the course, Scott Fisher, of USC's Interactive Media Division, said: "We're getting so many requests from industry to provide them with this kind of background in stereoscopic imaging because they're making more and more films and need that kind of talent to move things forward."

Unfortunately the course isn't going to be available until next autumn. At least it will be out just in time for 3D movies to hit the home.

Via the Guardian