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Public sector suffering under lack of key IT skills

Digital solutions are being crippled by the gap

A report has revealed that 56% of state funded workers think that reforms will not be carried out properly due to a skills shortage in IT, leadership and commerce.

Dods Research surveyed 1,619 public sector workers on behalf of, finding that 82% believed that reforms are under pressure due to staffing cuts.

Forty-five percent of those asked said that the public sector workforce does not have the key skills it needs to continue to deliver services effectively. One in five also identified skills in IT as the most needed, followed by leadership and commerce.


The retention of highly-skilled workers has been handled poorly, said one third of respondents, while another third did not think their managers were letting poor workers go due to staff cuts.

The IT skills gap lies in the technical areas needed to support the delivery of public services, said those surveyed. In-house digital solutions and the "digital by default" agenda are suffering as the lack of skilled employees increases.

"The public sector is filled with talented people, including IT pros," said Mike Fetters, public sector director at totaljobs. "Yet there is no denying that the last three years have been a tumultuous time, with widespread staff cuts and reforms by Whitehall affecting everyone in local government, central government and the NHS."