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Is Google Glass 2 already on the way?

Google Glass is still a "year-ish" away from being retail ready, but Mountain View might be cooking up the next episode in its foray into head-mounted tech.

A new patent, published today, outlines an idea for a pair of see-through glasses, described as "near-to-eye display with diffraction grating that bends and focuses light".

It also uses terms like "optical substrate" with "diffraction grating", which are just complicated terms for a form of regular glasses - as the accompanying illustration alludes to.

The patent was filed back in 2011, before Google Glass had even been announced. However, it's likely that the idea probably wasn't technologically possible at the time.

Looking into the future

But times have changed. Google Glass seemed like a far-off concept when we first saw it and now it's very much a real thing. So who knows?

Furthermore, Google Glass still has the problem of still looking a little strange on the face, so it's of little surprise that Google might be considering something a little more, well, normal-looking.

The new patent design also looks similar to LG's own patented glasses, as well as Microsoft's. But whether these ideas are still ahead of their time or not remains to be seen.

Via Unwired View