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An RFID pill that tells runners they're too hot

Joggers: they get hot
Joggers: they get hot

One of the things manufacturers always seem to overlook with the latest technology is how the thing tastes. Granted, it may not be important, but still, there are some out there who might care…

A band of Dutch researchers from Radboud University have come up with a novel new idea that could help runners avoid the overheating and dehydrating that can lead to cardiac arrests.


The user swallows the RFID pill, which contains a thermometer, before a race, and it can be tracked through a wireless signal at regular intervals to give information on the runner's body heat.

If the runner gets too hot, a signal is sent to a device on the user's backpack, and he or she is reminded to drink.

Nearby medical teams were also given access to the information so they could help should the levels get too high.

The RFID chip is intended to pass through the body after the race, though surely a toilet with an RFID reader has been developed in Japan somewhere that could add a 'new level' to this experiment…