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Telstra TV no longer requires a Telstra broadband connection

Image credit: Telstra

Acting as a unified streaming platform for all of Australia's video catch-up services, along with likes of Netflix and Stan, the Telstra TV box has long been a decent option for households without access to a smart television. 

Of course, the Telstra TV has always come with a barrier to entry in that it was only made available to Telstra's broadband customers.

That changes as of today, with the announcement that the telco is now offering Telstra TV access to eligible customers of its postpaid mobile or mobile broadband services, regardless of their ISP.

Let off some stream

According to Telstra, there are already over 1.4 million Telstra TVs in Australian living rooms, and this expanded availability should raise that number significantly.

The news comes after the recent arrival of the telco's third generation Telstra TV, which offers an improved wireless remote control and voice control search.

Telstra TV is available from $9 per month on a 24-month contract, or to purchase outright for $216 (includes bonus $125 Telstra TV Box Office credit).

Stephen Lambrechts

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