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Download of the day: Game Booster

Game Booster

Despite the name, Game Booster isn't just useful for your gaming collection. It can speed up your PC whenever you use resource-heavy programs, making it great for a number of different uses.

Why you need it

Got some new PC games for Christmas? Or perhaps you want to get even more from your shiny new computer. Either way, you need Game Booster to help speed up your PC so it can handle anything you throw at it. Because you don't need to be a game fanatic to seriously benefit from Game Booster. With the plethora of RAM-gorging, resource-intensive programs available today, running several hungry programs can slow your PC to a crawl.

This speed-up utility from IObit does all it can to prevent that from happening. Even if you're not experiencing computer slowness, Game Booster can perk up your PC and have it running at optimal speed. It does this by closing any unnecessary processes, freeing up RAM that can be devoted to any heavy, priority programs.

Beyond that, it provides several useful features that can help you get more from your games. There's a screen/audio recorder to help you preserve your best gaming moments, while the Save Game Manager syncs your saved games and settings to the cloud, ensuring you'll never lose your hard-earned progress again. The Game Launcher is another useful tool that makes any game added to its list run through Game Booster, guaranteeing you'll always get top performance.

Key features

  • Works on: PC
  • Versions: Free
  • Free up memory: Game Booster will close any unnecessary apps (before reopening them when you've finished gaming), freeing up vital system RAM
  • Record: There are options to record your games and to display your screenshots, useful for sharing with friends

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