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Twitter's photo service overtakes Twitpic, yfrog, Instagram

Twitter's official photo-sharing service has hit TwitPic and co where it hurts

Twitter's new photo-sharing service is now the number one means of uploading pictures to the social network, new research has revealed.

Just three months after Twitter integrated the Photobucket-hosted service into the platform it has already overtaken all third-party clients.

The means popular services like TwitPic, yfrog and Instagram have now all been eclipsed, according to stats from photo search engine Skylines.

The company told TechCrunch that pic.Twitter now deals with 36 per cent of all images uploaded.


The next biggest challenger Twitpic now has just 30.6 per cent of the market, having accounted for 45 per cent of all images uploaded as recently as five months ago.

Instagram, which is only available for iPhone and iPod touch, has a respectable 12 per cent of all photos uploaded to Twitter, while yfrog still retains one in five of every image uploaded.

Twitter's rivals were upset by the arrival of an official Twitter picture client, but it is believed that Twitter's deep-integration with iOS 5 may have motivated its move.

Twitter has also been keen to clamp-down on third-party clients that have often been guilty of flouting the sites own rules.

Via: TechCrunch