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CeBIT 2007: SanDisk hails its Zune destroyer

The Sansa Connect will be released in the US at the end of April, with a European launch expected soon after

The forthcoming Sansa Connect Wi-Fi MP3 player is going to put to shame the limited functionality of the Microsoft Zune . That's the view of Lance Carpenter, senior engineer at SanDisk.

In an interview with, he highlighted the Sansa Connect's impressive array of Wi-Fi features, whilst pouring scorn on Microsoft's Zune player.

"The implementation of wireless in the Sansa is much different from the Zune. The Zune can only share files, but the Sansa can do a whole host of things - including sharing those files - but also downloading music from the web, and marking songs you like on the radio for purchase wirelessly."

Carpenter said that SanDisk was fully expecting to make further inroads into the MP3 player market, and improve its current nine per cent market share. He was also very keen to point out that SanDisk was the first company to market with a comprehensive Wi-Fi MP3 player.

"It's the first time we've beaten Apple to anything. So we're pretty excited about that. It's one of the most exciting MP3 players that has ever been released.

"The Sansa delivers on what people actually want to do with the Wi-Fi. Others have said they do Wi-Fi, but it's always been very limited in what you can do with it."

James Rivington

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