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Canon pioneers new Hybrid IS lens technology

Canon EF 100mm lens
Macro lenses like the Canon EF 100mm here would benefit hugely from Hybrid IS

Canon is set to introduce a new form of image stabiliser that can compensate for both angular (rotational) and shift (linear) camera shake.

Due to make its debut in an as yet unspecified SLR lens before the end of the year, the latest Hybrid Image Stabliser (Hybrid IS) technology will employ a newly developed acceleration sensor alongside the angular velocity sensor already found in previous Canon IS lenses to determine the amount of shift-based camera shake.

Macro benefits

Canon believes that its new system will be of extra benefit to macro enthusiasts. This is because macro photography has always been especially susceptible to shift-based shaking - i.e when the camera moves parallel to the subject. The inclusion of an acceleration sensor should help to improve performance in this respect.

The new Hybrid IS system will use a newly developed algorithm that combines the output of the two sensors before moving the lens elements accordingly to compensate and ensure pin-sharp images.

There's no word on prices yet, but given that the technology is most like to be used on prime glass for use with top-end DSLRs we wouldn't expect it to come cheaply.