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Facebook and Skype resume video calling talks

Skype has the technology, Facebook has the user base
Skype has the technology, Facebook has the user base

Facebook and Skype are reportedly back in talks about offering web-based video calling.

The two companies originally began talks on the subject last year, but these seemingly came to nothing further than Facebook integration in Skype.

According to Bloomberg, two sources 'familiar with the discussions' have confirmed that video-calling talks are back on.

Ugh, video calling

While some of us rue the day Apple decided to put its magical marketing might behind video-calling with its FaceTime app, many people see it as the next big thing and a Facebook/Skype tie-in would see the social network's 500 million users able to video call each other to their hearts' content.

Facebook released the following statement regarding the rumours: "Last year, we announced the integration of Facebook in Skype, so people can keep up to date with their Facebook friends through News Feed in Skype and even call and SMS their Facebook friends on any phone from Skype.

"With regards to any further integration, we don't comment on rumor and speculation and have nothing to announce at this time."