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LG's new Chocolate BL40: it's real!

The LG BL40 snapped in the wild
The LG BL40 snapped in the wild

LG's new Chocolate phone is real and has been photographed, meaning the BL40 could be dropping into our laps in the next few months.

A Chinese gadget site nabbed the phone and pictured it, showing that it does indeed have a 21:9 widescreen (wow) and is super thin, as the earlier video showed.

This means that most of those specs, like the redesigned UI and the 5MP camera are likely to be true.

It apparently is confirmed as having an 800x345 pixel display (not quite Widescreen VGA - in fact, we're not sure what that is) with multi-touch technology.

Chocolate drops

The S-Class UI is once again in effect, but according to the site (and the wonder of Google Translate) it apparently has a slightly different skin placed on top compared to the likes of the LG Arena and the LG Crystal.

Wi-Fi, a bight screen, microSD slot - all things we had heard and would have assumed would appear are all present and correct, although there's no release date, sadly.

We'll keep our fingers crossed the phone turns up soon, as we're only averagely impressed by the current S-Class phones from LG - this one could be the game changer though.

From Sina via Engadget