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HTC One now available in unlocked 32GB version

HTC offers 32GB One via web store
One phone to rule them all

For those keen on grabbing a HTC One but not wanting to be locked to a particular network, we have good news - an unlocked 32GB model is officially on its way.

The 32GB handset ditches the unlocked bootloader of the 64GB Developer Edition, but we can only see this being a big miss for the major tinkerers out there.

The new unlocked model is only available on the US store for now, with a price tag of $575(around £375/AUS$560), but TechRadar understands that it is set to appear elsewhere, including the UK, very soon.

Unlocked, unleashed

We've rated the HTC One as the best smartphone in the world right now, so this news means you should be running out of excuses to go out and get one.

Especially as the 32GB model comes in a fair bit cheaper than the iPhone 5 with the same storage and unlocked network.

HTC previously opened pre-orders for the HTC One Developer Edition, which came with 64GB of storage and an unlocked bootloader allowing for custom ROMs.

Via TechCrunch