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Flash 10.1 on Android not a battery hog

Adobe demos Flash 10.1 running on a Nexus One, countering recent FUD campaigns which rubbish the battery sapping nature of the software
Adobe demos Flash 10.1 running on a Nexus One

Adobe has demonstrated Flash 10.1 running on a Google Nexus One Android phone, in order to show that the software is NOT a battery hog, as claimed by Apple recently.

Adobe's Flash evangelist Mark Doherty posted some hard numbers and video demos over on the FlashMobileBlog to counter Apple's recent FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) campaign.

Flash 10.1 doesn't appear to suck up much of the Nexus One's battery power in the demo given by the Adobe man.

Watch full-length movies with ease

Doherty plays a 17-minute embedded video in the full YouTube site and then notes that a mere 6 per cent of the phone's battery has been sapped.

Adobe's tests suggest they can get in the region of three hours of H.264 playback over Wi-Fi, so more than enough to watch three or four episodes of the latest Curb on your way to work then!

Engadget via FlashMobileBlog