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Android gets its own online App Store

Android phones will - most likely - get new software the same way the iPhone does

Although we've recently heard little but bad news and whispers of delays for the Google-backed Android mobile operating system, it seems that things are finally falling into place with the announcement of the first application store for the new platform.

The 'G Appli Shop' is the brainchild of a group of Japanese developers, who plan to get the ball rolling on the new project on 12 September.

Promotion in mind

As well as the equivalent to the iPhone App Store, the group will also inaugurate a community dedicated to developing software for Android and promoting it within Japan.

While the plan gives Android developers a more sound business footing in theory, it's still not known exactly how much freedom they will have to actually install any programs they develop.

And, until the Open Handset Alliance releases the Android source code sometime later this year and reveals the mechanism of the platform, nor will the group know if the G Appli Shop will ever open for business.