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Nokia to debut Tube / XpressMusic 5800?

Well, you know what the Tube looks like...
Well, you know what the Tube looks like...

Nokia has issued a super-secret press invitation to a web event on the August 18, where it will be unveiling two new handsets.

This is designed as an 'ahead of schedule' launch, where those invited will be able to quiz a member of the Nokia team on design, product management and so forth.

We reported on the new N85 last week, which appears to be an 'N96-lite', and having just passed through the FCC in the US we can assume this will be filling one of the slots.

Tube, Tube, XpressMusic 5800?

As to the second handset, what could it be? We can only hope and pray that it will be the Nokia Tube (though it seems it will be called the XpressMusic 5800 as we mentioned in a recent blog).

If the Finns do spring that little surprise, then it would be one of the best kept mobile secrets in a while, absolutely laughing in the face of Apple's 'secrecy'.

But then again, as one of the last manufacturers of an 'iPhone killer', there's not a lot left to be gained from being that secret really, is there?

If you have any questions you want TechRadar to pose to Nokia, please let us know in the comments box below!