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Motorola's (sort of) iPhone killer

The Motorola Alexander
The Motorola Alexander

The handset dubbed 'make or break' for Motorola in some parts of the media, the Alexander, has been spotted in the wild with a few specs too.

According to the Boy Genius Report, the sliding smartphone is packing likely Windows Mobile 6.1, though the photo would suggest something more advanced, along the lines of Windows Mobile 7.

A slider with a full QWERTY keypad, the rumours are this could be concealing a camera of up to 8MP; completely unprecedented on a full keyboard phone.

Super Monkey Ball? Pah!

Also included is an nVIDIA chip to handle 3D graphic gaming, with Motorola clearly hoping to stick it to the iPhone's gaming capabilities with some heavy duty power.

This also comes with the now standard GPS, though it is using the advanced chip that allows faster and more accurate people finding, which is always handy.

These specs aren't set in stone, but for a handset rumoured to be Motorola trying to claw back some ground in the manufacturer wars, it all makes good sense.

Expect this to drop into your lap (if you buy it and then drop it into you lap, that is) from Q4 this year.