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Developers bringing Android to the Palm Pre?

Android on the Pre? Whatever next...
Android on the Pre? Whatever next...

As soon as Palm announced its latest handset, the Pre, people wanted to mess around with its insides and get Android on there.

Well apparently, despite the phone being months away from an official release, the hacking community has already managed to port Android onto the OMAP 3 processor used in the handset.

As mentioned, that's nearly half a year before the phone itself will be in the hands of consumers, meaning that it may even be possible to have Android on your Palm Pre by that time .

The start of something special

However, this is only the beginning of the story. Although the Pre's webOS is an open system, porting Android will require users to jailbreak the handset, which could lead to all kinds of problems.

It's probably the stupidest thing in the world to think that Palm would officially let Android sit on the handset, but letting the option unofficially stand might increase the popularity of the Pre.

Given the development (and clear pride) that's gone into webOS, it's likely that Palm will protect this system as long as humanly possible, or at least until users get to know the system well enough to love / loathe / not really care about it.