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Warner Music wants more cash as YouTube deal stumbles

YouTube and Warner Music - come on chaps, sort it out
YouTube and Warner Music - come on chaps, sort it out

Talks between Warner Music and YouTube are still ongoing despite the label being the only one of the 'big four' not to have signed up

In the face of a turbulent music landscape, it is thought Warner Music wants improved terms on the deal, according to Reuters.

The label was one of the first to sign up to license its content on YouTube, but after EMI signed up, it has now been left out in the cold.

Blunt and Hunter

Warner Music, whose artists include Basshunter and James Blunt, pulled its videos from the site last December after terms could not be agreed to show the content.

This is another stumbling block for music on YouTube, with UK users doubly hamstrung as the Performing Rights Society has also pulled all content off the video sharing site in a dispute with pay.

However, it is hoped both cases can be sorted out soon, and the UK can get back to wasting the nation's bandwidth by streaming music videos instead.

Via Reuters